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  1. PatriciaMcKnight says:

    Mr. Garcia, I sincerely appreciate all of your likes and support of my blogs & posts. It is a wonderful treasure to find such a supporter. On the topic of self-publishing, #MyJustice was published live through Authorhouse.com in Feb 2011. Since I was forced to go on disability from a permanent spinal cord trauma, resulting in cystic sacs that attach and grow inside my spinal canal, causing progressive damage; there is no funding for a huge marketing program. I give every penny I possibly can, even the very small pennies I’ve made in royalties (which I don’t think new survivors publishing their stories really understand) unless you can spend thousands of dollars to really get your book off the ground, get it into the media, get it to those who matter; there is little hope of anyone ever realizing the power of your story. For me, I’ve learned to appreciate the quiet value of the hundreds who have read My Justice, the outstanding reviews and how it continues to change the perceptions of the many horrific Family Crimes.

    Throughout centuries our human society has been ‘trained’ to dismiss or keep secret because they occur inside the family and the offender is usually the provider who takes control then uses terroristic violence, weapons, threats of death even to force a child into silence. Most whom I’ve connected with over the years have been like me, terrorized & stalked into silence for decades, far surpassing any statute of limitations and preventing these offenders from ever being prosecuted for their crimes, no matter how evil or brutal they might have been. It is devastating to someone like me, who now has to depend on my husband for support of life’s needs. Survivors of past generations grew to become broken distorted persons who were incapable of guiding positive life skills development for their children. In fact, most of us have lived in isolation as we carry all the scars of vile sexual attacks, forced trafficking, forced to take drugs or use constant alcohol to disconnect from our reality, many grow so broken in the darkness the only option they find in seeking peace is suicide. Our voices are millions, each generation creating their own millions of victims who become another generation of broken parents, the wounding and distortion continues invading like a cancer eating away at the souls of those who are simply innocent children.

    When a survivor is finally able to find the courage to face all their demons, the ugly crimes against them, and the hundreds who passed through their life but never did anything to help them, or even ask a question in concern for their welfare; these survivors must conquer extreme battles to find their voice or ever feel any true happiness in their freedom. I am still battling through some of this myself. It can never leave us, the stain is in our soul, it is part of us, what created who we are as adults today, the good and the bad. However, all the constant advocacy, where I’ve ignored marketing or self promoting My Justice, but rather concentrate on researching our Federal & State Laws, as well as our Child Maltreatment Investigations process and family/survivor recovery support’; with all that we try to help create a strong united front to end this insanity today, it seems still no one wants to get involved. They do not want to support the efforts, they do not want to support the voices, they do not want to know what is the ugly heinous depravity which invades the lives of at least 1 in 10 children, with a confirmed sexual abuse in our country of 1 in 3 children.

    So often I get discouraged, as I am here now writing to you. I’m not certain we will ever be able to amend the statutes which will allow these young victims to get the help & intervention they need. The protective laws which are written in our American Constitution & Universal Declaration of Human Rights; giving each and every human being (without regard to age or gender) the protected right to be SAFE, no matter if it is a stranger who offends them or a person inside their home, which continues to be more than 90% of all offenses against children. We continue to force silence, protecting their abuser, and ignoring the possibility of horrifying terror that is their daily world.

    Anyway, sir thank you for your tremendous support. Wishing you well and best of luck to all independent writers, who are self publishing their very special story.
    Trish 🙂

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    • Hello Trish,
      Please feel free to contact me at damiangarciathebook@yahoo.com and 301-806-1050 text/phone.
      I would like to continue our conversations directly.

      Damian Garcia is the name of the main character in the series: “Damian Garcia: PhD Drug Smuggler” available from Amazon.com.

      My name is Chris Mosquera, retired and living in Cocoa Beach Florida. I write fun novels and self publish. The next book is a self help book about overcoming child sexual abuse, rape and street violence. As a survivor I want to share my past to help other’s. I would like to invite others to share their stories and thoughts. An anthology of abuse victims share their feelings to help other’s grow, survive and thrive.

      Please connect with me if you wish.


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      • PatriciaMcKnight says:

        Chris, I apologize for not responding earlier. You see the saddest part of being a survivor is how I see the mixed behaviors and beliefs, niavity, and distortion in life is affecting my adult children. While one is doing outstanding, at least in public perceptions; however his father pushed the male behavior of withhold your feelings without regard to your internal suffering. My two daughters almost 30 and both mothers of incredible young children, but their relationships are the same distorted exceptions to bad behavior as they watched in my young mother years. I try everything to provide resources, help them in guidance and even forced actions to ensure the wellbeing of all my grandchildren; it seems nothing I provide is ever accepted or when they do it’s miss used and nothing in their behavior changes.

        You see Chris, this is why we must as strong adult Men & Women, most of us parents, guide our families and provide an understanding of why we must protect their early childhood development. This is the most critical time of a child’s perceptions of life, the ingrained behaviors most difficult to change, and those that create the path for the next generations.

        I am so honored to connect with a strong male voice who is ready and willing to be open and honest about their learned behaviors and the tolerance of suffering we are forced to endure; the tolerance we continue to teach the next generation to accept and remain silent, PROTECT THE FAMILY ABUSER, possibly the only true constant ‘TERRORIST’ whom they depend on for survival. This is where we can make the greatest change in ending all violence in our societal acceptance. End the family suffering in continued silence, without ever seeking justice for the harm and terror which distorted your path and left you wounded with emotional and possibly physical wounds.

        Thank you sir for connecting!!! Please feel free to always share your voice and your writings on my public fb page, Voices Ending Family Violence

        Be well Chris, all my support and well wishes your way. May you have great success in your new 2016

        Trish 🙂 Please check out all that we are doing to update Illinois & Federal Laws in Crimes Against Children

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