A Letter To The Man Who Stole A Girl’s Soul

More Than A Victim

*Trigger Warning*

Your name is a name that she wishes she didn’t know and one that will haunt her for the rest of her life. One that she could sit around and blame herself for ever knowing, or one that she could blame the police for telling her. However, the more she reflects; surely the only person she should really blame is you.

It was the 25th December 2012, early hours of Christmas morning- a day that haunts her, as if it was yesterday. It’s like she’s stuck in time and can’t move forwards or backwards. It’s been two years but every part of you returns. You stole her identity; she doesn’t even know who SHE is anymore. You’re a man who could be seen as a ‘helpful citizen’ by the public eye. If only everyone really knew. If only she was given the justice she deserved. Underneath your lies…

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